Friday, July 2, 2010

On Sick Leave

I'm having a looong weekend right now.  But I'm not in the mood to celebrate it because I'm on sick leave.  And there's nothing exciting on being sick.

Monday afternoon-- a heavy rain poured down from the heavens.  And because I didn't want to get stuck in the office because it seemed like a long heavy rain, I got out of the office after work, 5pm on the dot.  It was super duper raining outside but I got an umbrella.  I guessed, I would shield me from the rain...but that's what I thought.  My head was safe but my feet and legs were not (I was wearing our uniform skirt and stockings that time).  So cold water creeped in my open toed shoes.  And when I got inside the aircon bus, the feeling became worse because I started to feel the cold creep inside my whole body.  When I arrived home, I changed clothes fast, fearing I might catch flu.

Tuesday-- I felt cold in the office, probably because I used my only uniform blazer again (which was quite cold from the rain.  I didn't have time to iron it again to make it warm).  That night, I started to feel chill all over my body.  And that's it.  The next day, I was really in chill.

Wednesday-- I put socks on my feet and jacket the whole day.  I was like a suman.  And I felt a little silly because all the other members of the house (my in-laws) were wearing light clothes while I was in almost-winter clothes.  I watched the newly appointed President Noynoy Aquino's speech (but I didn't finished it because I really felt so damn bad).  My head and throat also ached a lot.  I skipped lunch and just slept.  I know I really needed a lot of rest.  My husband, who had an overtime work at his office, treated me that night at North Park because I couldn't eat anything but soft foods.  I ordered Nanking Beef and Wanton soup with HongKong noodles, and had a Honey Lemonade and water for drinks.  Imagine, we're eating in North Park, in my pajamas (and imagine, I didn't even take a bath that day because I was too cold).  I felt like a lucky street kid.  I'm lucky to have Jeff as my husband. :)

Thursday-- I told my boss I couldn't be able to go to work because of my fever and flu.  I felt warmer than Wednesday, and I was perspiring a lot.  But I knew I was still not ok because I still felt weak.

Friday-- This is today.  I was supposed to go to work, but my body still feels weak and I am afraid to get cold again and catch flu.  My officemate teased me, "whatever your reason is, hihi!", maybe she thought that I'm just making excuses to have a long weekend.  I told her, "Girl, trangkaso ito dahil sa ulan nung Monday!".  Hay, if I only have enough strenth to go to office today, I would go because my sick leaves aren't paid....and it is so much harder to have a deducted salary (meaning, our family budget will be affected).  If others thought I'm happy with this sick leave, they are totally wrong.  Any family person or mother will not be happy to know that she will not meet the expected family budget.  Well, at the same time, I won't be happy also if I go to work despite of my current health status and would find myself in worse state afterwards.

Oh, my brother-in-law's in ICU right now because of Myocarditis.  A virus targeted his heart muscle.  Hmm...we're actually both having colds and fever these past few days.  But his case got worse, he had to rush to the hospital.  Now, I'm thinking of having the same clinical test because I fear that I might also have the same illness (I pray na sana hindi naman...pero wala namang masama if magpa-test diba?).  I'll convince my husband regrding that.

Good thing, my daughter's at Laguna right now, away from all the viruses we have here at Alabang.  I pray that she would stay happy and healthy there.  I miss her.

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