Sunday, July 4, 2010

Toy Story 3 Experience

It was last June 27 when my husband Jeff and I watched Toy Story 3.  We actually liked to watch it a weekend before but cinemas were all jampacked!  Even on the day we watched the film, cinemas were still crowded, we ended up buying a ticket for a 3D (which we really planned to), in IMAX at Mall of Asia (which was a hundred pesos more expensive than the regular 3D but sobrang sulit naman), and in the last full show (as in that was around 10:00 pm to 12:00 midnight!).  At least we still had a lot of good seats to choose from.  And yes, we got nice center seats.

A shot after the movie, in 3D glasses

I loved the film, and I admit, I wept towards the end of the movie.  But husband just chuckled at me when he heard me sniffed.  I didn't know where my mother put my childhood toys but I hope my mother didn't trash them away because I would surely be sad.  I would want to think that she had given them to unfortunate children and those kids took care of them. But come to think of it, if they were given to other kids before, those kids are now grown ups too...and ooohh...I don't want to think of this anymore.  I suddenly missed my childhood toys (and I remember, I only have 1 Barbie Doll back then.  No Ken's).

Now I'm a mother, and my daughter has now a collection of her own toys.  Someday when she grows up, she would stop playing with them anymore.  And before deciding on how to dispose those toys, I would ask my daughter if she wanted to trash them or give them to other kids.  And I hope, knowing that she has a big heart, she would decide to donate them to the less unfortunate children, like what Andy did in the movie.

Here are some of Rian's current toys.  Her other toys are in Batangas and Laguna.
These toys have their own stories to tell.  And they all know that they belong to Rian.  And their mission in life is to play with Rian and make her a happy happy baby! :)

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