Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rian's 1st Birthday Bash!

You are warmly invited to read this post about my baby's 1st birthday milestone!

When: July 17, 2010 (Saturday), 11:00 am to 12:30 pm.  A sunny Saturday morning (thank you Lord for the wonderful weather).
Where: McDo Festival Mall, Alabang

We're the first one to arrive, along with my sister-in-law, Yin, who came all the way from Bermuda to take a short vacation here in the Philippines.  It was almost 11:00 am and the guests were still not around...oh well, I forgot to put an earlier start time in the invitation so that they could come earlier (or just be on time).  Hehe.  After about a few minutes, the guests started to arrive (hurray!), and by then, the program began.  We all had McDo Chicken, fries, and sundae for lunch.

A Spongebob cake! (coz Rian loves Spongebob!)

There were games for adults and a game for adults with kids.  Our friends were so cooperative that they willingly joined the games (well, most of them loved the prizes...especially the clapper!).  My husband Jeff and our little celebrant Rian also joined the Trip to Jerusalem game (also known as Musical Chairs).  Rian was so energized, she also walked around the chairs (with her Daddy's support).  She didn't win, but I guess she had fun.

Daddy and baby participating in the Trip to Jerusalem game

Yup, our little celebrant really had fun during her party.  Actually, it seemed like she was the one who was having blast more than the rest of us.  She didn't wail and didn't have tantrums, except during the picture taking at the last part of the party probably because she was already tired.  She was dancing to the max with the music, and she loved the mascots Ronald McDonald and Birdie!  I observed in almost all of the photos we had with them, her head was turned to those two mascots.  She seemed fascinated with them because she was smiling at them all the while.  She even kissed Birdie!

Baby Rian kissed Birdie!

We never had lots of guests, most of those who were invited weren't able to come.  But what matters most for me is that Rian enjoyed the occassion....After all, it's her birthday!

And hey, Rian's not a baby anymore...she's now a toddler-- the stage between infancy and childhood, with lots of more milestones to come.  She's now the toddler Rian, but will always be our baby in our hearts and home. :)

Thanks to all who had given time to attend Rian's 1st Birthday Party--- my parents, my brothers Bob, Mark, and Adri and their girlfriends Monna, Mariz and Joanna, my niece Alyssa, my officemates Erick, Saber and Marco, my relatives-in-law, Jeff's college friends and officemates.  You made my little toddler's day a memorable one for all of us!  God bless! :)

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