Friday, July 9, 2010

A Yabadabadooo Picture!

I was browsing for a good clipart to add in my blog, and I found this one!  This picture really reminds me of my family---The Flintstones!--- I'm Wilma, Fred's my husband, and Pebbles is our baby Rian.  We don't actually have a dog to portray Dino, but we have a stuff toy cat named Baby Siops (a gift I received from my husband way back when we were still in bf-gf relationship).

I loved watching The Flintstones because it was funny and entertaining.  Actually, I enjoyed watching it than the Jetsons (which had a complete opposite scenario with the Flintstones because they futuristic).  Hey, I even remember that I used to take Flintstones Vitamins when I was a Kid!  And I still remember its TV commercial...why is my Flintstones different from your Flintstones?...Why are you wearing mommy's shoes???  Because...  Hahaha! if I could just make a Flintstone theme design for my blog, that would be nice, isn't it?  But I'm not a web expert, hehe.  So I guess, I would just have to self-study on how to create customized blogs.  Well, I'm open to have somebody else create for me, but probably for a good price. :D

For now, it's a good feeling to reminisce the Yabadabadooo! child in me.

The Liwanag family picture, taken during Rian's baptism

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