Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shopping for my family

It's true that once you have a family, you will think of them first before yourself.  And that goes too with shopping.

There was an anniversary bazaar in our company last week and the prices of the items in it was lower than the regular prize in malls.  My collegues started to purchase items mostly for themselves during the opening day.  But I got to shop on the last day of the bazaar because it was also our payday (too bad all new employees weren't able to get yet the bonus...and I'm one of them.  Worse, my salary was deducted because I got  absences this month because I got sick.  Read my blog about it: On Sick Leave. ).  But despite of those things, I still de-stressed myself into shopping.  I bought for the following items:

2 terno outfits for my toddler Rian.  I initally picked just 1 terno (pink strapped top with shorts) for only 50.00 Php.  But since the saleslady didn't have change for 1K, I decided to buy 2 terno (I added the green strapped top with shorts).  The outfits could be worn at home or going outdoors.  When I got home, I realized that both outfits are of the same design, they just differed in color!

2 kikay caps also for Rian.  This is worth 25.00 Php each.  She already have 2 caps at home--- one white and one pink. So for her collection, I purchased one green and one checkered (blue, pink, green, white).  We already used the green one earlier when we went to her pediatrician for her monthly check up, and I was surprised she didn't take off her beautiful cap like she always did before.  And when I stood her infront of the mirror with her new cap on her head, she smiled with glee, probably she knows how cute she is with her new cap.

1 pair of Adidas shorts for my hubby Jeff.  Most of his shorts are already torn and does not fit to him anymore (lalo ka ba tumataba, hunny ko?).  We had been planning to buy himself new shorts but he prioritizes in meeting our family's basic needs, he ended up having money shortage (hehe).  That's why when I learned that there's a booth for men's shorts in the bazaar, I got to pick the kind of shorts that my husband would love (he wanted a short that could be worn either at home or outdoors).  And guess what, I got it for 100.00 Php only. 

1 pair of Liliw shoes for my sister-in-law.  After all, it was her birthday last Thursday, and it's our welcoming gift for her, as well, because she just came back from Bermuda.  Giving gifts to our dear friends and relatives are part of our family's tradition.  My husband and I decided to give her shoes which are made from Liliw, Laguna, Philippines, because know that when she go back to Bermuda, she could wear those shoes with pride because it's Philippine-made and export-quality, as well.  Too bad I got the wrong size for her, but anyway, I could still exchange it for the right size next week.  Hey, I order those Liliw shoes at my officemate who also happens to be my office seatmate! 

Finally, I decided to buy for myself also...but I purchased the item which would benefit myslef and my husband, as well.  I bought something that both of us would benefit from it so that he wouldn't get angry with my shopping galore (hehe).  It was red and black, made from satin, 2 piece outfit which can be worn at home (at at night!).  Top is spaghetti-strapped, with lace.  Bottom is panty-like, matching the design of the top, also with lace.  Sexy enough but not super lusty.  Guess what it is?  Yup it's a nightie. And I bought it for 350.00 Php.  Sulit enough, when my husband saw it, he approved it.  I still haven't worn it, though.  Hehe.  Probably tonight. ;-D

Shopping is really fun and de-stressing.  But after it (like now), time to worry about how could I live for the next two weeks.  Haha!

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